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For centuries Boudicca has existed as a tantalising historical figure. We know of her life through two male Roman writers, who never met her, or anyone who knew her. She has been constantly reinvented as a symbol, the myth outstripping the known facts. To the Eye of Boudicca she represents hope. She was a woman, assaulted on the orders of an Imperial power, who led her people against their oppressors. To us she symbolises resistance against coercion, bullying, abuse and subjugation by everyone acting together to protect each other against those who seek to take advantage of anyone against their will.


We are an initiative, Eye of Boudica is an anti-street harassment awareness and support campaign working to educate the community about street harassment, sexual harassment and standing up for ourselves and each other in a safe and effective way.


‘We see what’s happening, it’s not acceptable, we are watching and saying ENOUGH’



Eye of Boudica will work closely with the community on raising awareness of these issues and empowering individuals to feel safe in their spaces and to show up for others in need of support from harassment when it is safe to do so. 


Part of our focus will be on examining what leads to the act of harassment and the behaviours behind it that have become too commonplace and we want to express that this is no longer acceptable. We are watching and looking out for each other.

Some of our future aims will be to convince the council to display our logo in safe and well- lit meeting spaces at the main public transport stations, work with other organisations on examining misogyny in public spaces, and arming young people with the skills to navigate their way out of threatening situations whilst making it clear that those behaviours are unacceptable.

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